Although the following photographs of puppies were not taken by myself, I just had to share them with you because they are so cute!

All puppy pictures on this page are copyrighted 1997 by Disney Enterprises, Inc. but I hope that with this resolution it won't be a problem to give you the chance to enjoy it here.

Puppy1.jpg Puppy10.jpg Puppy11.jpg Puppy12.jpg
Puppy13.jpg Puppy15.jpg Puppy16.jpg Puppy9.jpg
Puppy17.jpg Puppy2.jpg Puppy4.jpg Puppy3.jpg
Puppy5.jpg Puppy6.jpg Puppy7.jpg Puppy8.jpg

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These pics and more are included in the cute Disneys Dalmatian Puppy Screensaver!

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