Of course all my horse pictures and most others you find in the gallery are taken in Switzerland.

But these pictures are a special "hello" to my visitors from far away, especially to my friends from japan!

Btw: Do you want to see Cindy as a japanese Dalqueen? The picture was made by my japanese Webfriend Shimada, who also has a very nice dalmatian site (although it's hard to navigate it's not if you've installed the japanese fontsets....  ;-) you should be able to identify the pictures...)

Some of the Switzerland pictures here are in panormama format, so please don't forget to scroll to the left when you're watching in fullscreen mode. Due to the panorama size the pics are pretty big, please excuse possible longer loading times. I guess it's worth!

Thanks for visiting - enjoy the spirit of Switzerland!

Not enough of Switzerland? If you want to see more about Switzerland, there is a interesting touristic site for you with picures of all regions, virtual postcards and more of Switzerland!


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That's Zurich The Consultant Duck advice: See the people live in Zurich Of course there is also kind of a civilisation in Switzerland.... Now you have the chance to watch the people live in the heart of Zurich! You decide what to see! Just click here to find out how!
If you have a good time here don't be shy and leave a footprint in the guestbook. It's always nice to know what people did find Drachenstein and where in the world you come from. Thanks!

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