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A collection of beautiful photographs of Cinderella the cool Dalmatian, of Davidoff, the horse, as well as of Dalmatian puppies including scenic pictures

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(If you had a Java-capable browser, you'd see a really cool applet here.)

Just click and drag somewhere on the face and see what happens!
Hint: drag the same distance once in one single step and then (after a reset) drag the same route again but this time in a few smaller steps - do you see the difference?


Bored with this pic? Select another one here:

Do you want to stretch your Dal (or your mother-in-law, boss or friend) too?
Then send me a picture (gif, jpeg, bmp, tif..) and soon it'll be here waiting for you to be stretched! (you can send a photo by mail too and I'll scan it for you)

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