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A collection of beautiful photographs of Cinderella the cool Dalmatian, of Davidoff, the horse, as well as of Dalmatian puppies including scenic pictures

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Torture your Dal!

It's against all animal rights and I don't now how it is about
the political correctness.....
But it's too funny to stress a Dalmatian that way! I could
do it for hours ;-)

Wrap a gift with the help of your dogs

Wrapping a present assisted by your dogs...

A comprehensive step-by-step guide how to wrap a present with the help of your dogs... It's that easy if you stay cool and just follow these simple 35 steps.

You really will have to laugh reading this little manual!


Cinderella gave me "under the counter" major import insights in important "de facto" standards of the behaviour of dogs.
She lend me the manual "MIND GAMES FOR DOGS" which I present here exclusively for all dog owners. Read it carefully for a better understanding of your dog!

Kleine Spiele für Hunde


Successful camouflage of a fighter dog

Magic hoods for fighting dogs in Germany

In Germany the new laws against dangerous dogs bring chaos!
Most dog lovers are irritated by the unequal treatment in the hastily written laws. Even now, says law lecturer Heintzen, “we cannot legally define what a fighting dog is”. The owners are desperate and don’t know what to do with their dogs. How are you supposed to know what applies to your dog?

Here ist the solution: see the most common camouflage for your figther dog.

Thanks a lot (and a big "wag" from Cinderella) to the famous European caricaturist and satirist Manfred Deix for the permission to publish this on www.drachenstein.ch!

Cartoons - cute, tasteless and obscene!

In different categories you'll find those cartoons that made me (although my taste is perhaps a bit strange) laugh.
But be warned: sometimes we go a bit up to the limits here.....

It's now also possible to send your favorite cartoons directly from here with the Drachenstein Postcard Service!


How to catch a lion in the sahara

What's about lions on a dalmatian and cats page? Answers, a lot of fun (and another little bit about myself) and new academic insights can be found in this collection of scientific methods.

Also if you already should now the classic "big game hunting" you have to check it - here you get an extended version.

One of the most clever and funny things I ever saw!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The seemingly simplest questions (always very popular are chicks) are tough nuts to crack for philosophers for thousands of years... But really - it's not that easy how you can see here! Of course it's mostly a question of the point of view and the perspective.

Find out how public figures like Plato, Bill Clinton, Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Freud or Hemingway take a stand on this eternal and profund question.

Simply marvelous!

Why? Just why did the chicken cross this road?

Search the Dalmatians

A little Dalmatian Shockwave picture puzzle!

How to picture a puppy

Actually Drachenstein is a dalmatian, cat and horse photo page. Of course this shouldn't be missed here: a small but very helpful guide for all hobby and amateur photographers how to picture a puppy.
It's not that difficult how pople think... :-)

How to pictture a puppy

How many seconds?

How fast are you? Can you solve this little dalmatian puzzle in one minute? But to be honest - it looks easier than it is. Good luck!

Fill your Screen with horror!

See the most creative and abstruse messages of Windows! The thought of these error messages will send shivers down your spine.....

The system is threatening to close all your applications, format your harddisk, burn your CPU and sell your dog!

Only for strong nerves!!

A real shocker! Only mess around with it, if you know what you do and you feel strong enough for it! But if you really want to find out the truth about the impossible possibilities of the internet - you're right here. Bet I know what's on your harddisk because I scan it at the moment, mmmhhh? Enjoy.....

Test your Cow!

Now you can check easy if your cow has mad cows disease.



«Tages-Anzeiger» - 2000/05/26

Lava Lava! What would we do without science? I really love to hear about the results of research. But can I now ever take a bath with my rubberducks again as before? Will it still be the same?

Btw: this article says, that according to the new scientists findings in australia 12 billion years ago giant killerducks filled everyone with horror!

Tux on the Run - the little online penguin game

Let's try it with the penguin! Let's try it with the penguin! You have to lead your little penguin over slippery ice to the exit - and you can collect coins, gems, hearts and keys.
It's a careful made java game perfect for the coffee break which you can play just right here online.

Eliminator - the IQ-Puzzle

Finally something for the brain. With this good design the little online java game will captivate the minds!

Actually it would be that easy: you have to eliminate the balls while putting it in a row - but it's tricky to handle...
39 levels offer a lot of fun if you like brainteasers.


More will follow...... There is still a lot of selected funny things on my disk to put here on this page. Hope to see you again soon!

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