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Cindy is that cool..

Great that you found your way to this place! It's way out in the country in the beautiful highlands of Zurich, (Switzerland), a really beautiful place.

Here you can see in which area I live: a 360 degree picture in which you can move on your own (!) gives you an impression of the beautiful landscape:

360 degree panoramic view of the highlands of Zurich
Click to open in new window (but it takes a while...)

As you might have seen, these pages are dedicated to something which is (next various other things) a main part in my life: the love to the animals and especially the dogs - which has its origin in the 'dog days' of my childhood ;-)

What it's all about is the strange dalmatian Cinderella, the funny horse Davidoff and the four cats:

IntroQuark   Quark - the little talkative cat

IntroLancelot   Lancelot - the junior boss

IntroMischu   Mischu - the equable cat

IntroStrolchi   and Strolchi - the autist

Included, are also some photos of cats who have departed - for their journey to the stars...

Because these sites are mainly made "optically" you also find some of my favorit pictures of the nature. You'll find them in the chapter "Romantic".

Cheering!How it was that a boy gets his Dalmatian after countless years of hopeless waiting can be found out in "Cinderella - in the name of the spots"!


Dalmatians as fighter-interceptor aircraft dogs... And now we unveil the secret: the origin of this breed and what Dalmatians have in common with fighter-interceptor aircrafts in the Second World War. Read it here.

What about Dalmatians in general? What makes these dogs that special? In context of the next impending Disney-driven dalmatian invasion you'll find here the clearing up of the myth of this breed - a "must" for everybody who's interested in Dalmatians!

Philosophical thoughts to the controversial topic "dalmatian fur" can be found in the cynical (and really funny) review of "101 Dalmatians" which offers next to some insights in the character of dalmatians also (between the lines) serious food for thought.


I never though that a webpage is that time consuming, so please excuse, that at the moment there are not more background information..... I'm also not that shure if it's of interest for you (why don't you let me know whith a short note?).

Actually this page is in german (which is my mother tongue), so will you please excuse my poor English on this translation. Of course on the german pages of Drachenstein I'll provide more info about this page, but I haven't had the time yet to translate it.
Btw: did I mention already, that this page is very new? It was "born" in April this year and because it was unfortunaltely a premature baby I'm since then permanent "screwing around" at something here ;-)

Navigate this site with the sitemap dog! Just a hint: if you're lost on these pages you might want to make use of the Sitemap-Dog (a new species of homepage rescue dog). The overview will be loaded in a new windows which can remain open and which will support you with the navigation. Tip: try to switch between the windows with the <alt> and <tabulator> keys on your keyboard.

Get the sounds under your control! Because this page is on the best way to grow up *g*, there's no automatic background music anymore. But I warmly recommend to click on this music note: it'll bring up the Dal-Jukebox which offers you a lot of very nice music to listen during your stay on Drachenstein!

Click to see a larger picture of the visitors statisticWhile my little Page had after its start in May 2000 only slim 400 visits, (I'm afraid most of them where generated by myself *g*), now in the beginning of 2002 the 100,000st visitor ended up here!
And just another celebration: right now the 8,000st postcard was sent on Drachenstein. Thanks to all of you for coming over!

Histery! Okay, now it's up to you to influence the further development of this site - now you have the chance to be part of Drachenstein's place:


Do you want your Dalmatian to be "stretched" too?
A snapshot that you would like inserted here?
Do you have any special Dalmatian stuff?
Then send me your picture or the stuff
(you can send a photo by mail
and I'll scan it for you)
and soon you'll be
on this site

Anyways, Drachenstein would be very happy to receive your feedback or a greeting from you - so why don't you sign the guest book? I look forward to reading what you thought about this little peaceful space in the net.
Moreover, I would be interested to know who is visiting my site and where everyone is from.
Your comments (also with a mail) are always welcome.

I'm very glad about the honour and challenge to be - starting from December 2000 - a member of the "PeaceWork Awards Program" and having the chance to explore many great sites in German language.

PeaceWork Awards Program

So, enjoy the photos and visit us again soon. "Hebet Sorg" - which means "take care" in a Swiss dialect!

P.S. Don't you hear anything?

If you don't hear any sounds (or if you have problems with the videos, escpecially with Netscape) you may require a plug-in for your browser.

For your convenience, here is a great site that offers many different types of plug-ins with download links, including examples. You can also test your browser with all kind of audio and video on this site. (Unfortunately, the information is only in German - but you should be able to manage.)

Netscape 4.7 (I wouldn't really count on it) and MS Internet Explorer 5.x (with this everything works fine so far) should already include the required plug-ins.

It is also important to start surfing this site with the proper page: http://www.drachenstein.ch/indexe.html in order to avoid error messages.

Although I was - before starting with this site - a convinced promoter of Netscape I was struggling and fighting to make the site also running with Netscape 4.x (had to find out that in experts circles Netscape is called the "deaf browser" - now I understand). Unfortunately I had to capitulate with the new Version, Netscape 6 which is not downwards compatible. Although I spent many hours I have to admit that I can't fix that without making a separate version for it. So please don't be surprised if you use Netscape 6 and some things won't work on this page.

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